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Sound Healing Hands is the magical combination of ancient tools and healing arts: sound therapy + healing hands; a powerful combination that can enhance the benefits of both therapies.


Healing hands consists of channeling the powerful source of vibration and universal energy, to oneself or to other people as a physical and/or emotional healing therapy. 


Sound Healing Hands sessions will help you to unblock or release emotional situations you may be experiencing; the sound healing therapy leads you to a state of relaxation that allows you to detach from your circumstances or "look" at your experiences from another perspective and, in a state of physical relaxation and deep meditation, you are receptive to the channeling of the universal energy that harmonizes and revitalizes, to help you release the physical or emotional stress you are experiencing. Sound Healing Hands is a unique and holistic way to relax, recharge, and reconnect with your  own intuition, been guided by the synergistic effects of sound + healing hands.



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