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As the sound can physically penetrate the body at a cellular level, it can promote the well-being on any person (when used properly and without contraindications). Sadly, the contrary is what usually happens in our over industrialized and polluted cities; we are constantly (24/7) surrounded by noises of all types and hertz level, not paying attention to what this constant sonic pollution is causing us. 

Sound triggers the body's relaxation response (by releasing endorphins and oxytocin) and thus, help to relax muscles and nerves, promotes blood circulation and reduces inflammation; in general, helps the body to improve its healing abilities.


In this personal and private  -one hour long- sound healing session we will focus on the imbalanced body and the emotion associated, to help you restore the balance, health and peace of mind through sound massage and immersive sound healing experience.


Please, contact me for more information.

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